Skin Corrective Peels
Smart Peeling System 

We are proud to use and recommend Lira Clinical as our main skin correction line. 

Lira Clinical believes that science reveals nature’s secrets. They are redefining aesthetics with their revolutionary ‘Peel and Heal’ approach by repairing, restoring and brightening your skin. Their ingredient technology utilises botanicals and natural ingredients, healing minerals, enzymes, acids, potent antioxidants, powerful peptides, plant stem cells, skin supporting vitamins, and pre/probiotics. They combine these elements to create superior products and treatments that give our clients optimised corrective results with less down time than other products.


Lira Clinical is the next level of skincare, achieved through cutting-edge technology, botanical breakthroughs, product perfection and real results. 

Lira Clinical is Brightening: Almost every product contains lightening agents and brightening botanicals to even skin tone.

Lira Clinical is Healing: Skin health is restored with powerful anti inflammatory agents, antioxidants and minerals.

Lira Clinical is Anti-aging: Younger looking skin is revealed with powerful peptides, plant stem cells and precise peel technology. 

Grade 1 Peel - 30min $129

Grade 1 Peels are gentle peels that require no prep or downtime. They work on all skin types and a variety of skin concerns including fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, dehydration, redness and rosacea.

Vita Brite - Suitable for all skin types. Targets fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, photo damage, dryness and dehydration.

Pumpkin Plus Definer - Suitable for all skin types. Targets fine lines and wrinkles.

Grade 2 Peel - 30min $149

Grade 2 Peels are targeted at more specific skin concerns including, oiliness, acne congestion, pigmentation, photo damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

Fortnight home-prep with Lira Clinical Home Care products is required prior to receiving treatment, as there can be some slight downtime.


Lactic - Targets pigmentation, photo damage, dehydration, hormone imbalance.

Sal Pulp - Targets acne congestion, blackheads, pigmentation, underlying congestion.

Beta Plus - Targets acne (pustule), blackheads, pigmentation, underlying congestion (works best for darker skin types).

Mineral Retinol - Targets fine lines, wrinkles, photo damage, pigmentation and acne, to enhance age prevention.

Grade 3 Peel - 30min $169

Grade 3 Peels are the most advanced peels, targeting the deeper layers of your skin. Targets Acne Grade III (moderate) & IV (severe/cystic), ice pick & acne scarring, melasma and elastosis (skin sagging).

Fortnight home-prep with Lira Home Care products is required, as well as completion of at least one Grade 2 peel. There can be some downtime, so expect dry skin, with peeling and redness. 

Mineral Jessner - Targets advanced ageing, photo damage, pigmentation, acne grades III &IV, scar revision and glycation.

Green Power - Targets pigmentation, acne and acne scars, elastosis, fine lines, wrinkles, and ice pick scarring by utilising a natural form of Collagen Induction Therapy.

Hydroxy 30 - Targets fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, pigmentation and overall age management (works best for darker skin types).

Cocktail Peels - $198

A specific combination of up to 3 peels layered to intensively target your skin concerns.